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Among vineyards surrounded by striking vegetation and ancient surroundings
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Stemmari’s gates open: tasting of Sicilian wines, winery tours, events

We welcome you to our winery with personal guided tours in English and Italian including tasting sessions accompanied by typical products from the region.
Our Sicilian courtyards, known as Baglio, conjure up the right atmosphere for important occasions: catered anniversaries, business meetings and conferences.
We can offer personalised events for your every need: do not hesitate to contact us.
Sicilian wine tasting

Guided wine tastings in the winery to savour the wines and discover every peculiarity. Paired with typical Sicilian dishes and food products.

Winery tours

See the rows of vines and stone caves, get lost among resting bottles... discover where, and how, Stemmari wines are born. Guided tours are offered in Italian or in English.


The estate is available for special occasions or important events - from celebrating weddings or birthday parties to organising conferences and corporate meetings.

Stemmari is a place of sharing, let yourself be welcomed.
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