Sicilia DOC

Hedonis Nero d'Avola Riserva is a true interpretation of the sicilian pursuit of pleasure, inherited from the ancient Greeks and now refined in our island paradise. It indulges the palate, captures the senses and warms the heart with its powerful and sensual character.

Alcohol content
57-60° F
Serving temperature
Production area
The vineyards of Sambuca B21 and B30 were selected for the creation of Hedonis, in west-east orientation. The exposure totally to the East favours direct irradiation from the first light of the morning, immediately after the coldest moment of the day, causing a sort of limited temperature range directly on clusters and leaves.
The rich soils, warm climate with cooler nights from our elevated growing area in Sambuca di Sicilia allow for perfect maturation of the grapes that are harvested during mid- September. A partial selection of the grapes undergoes fermentation and maceration for about 15- 18 days with repeated remontages to extract the color and tannins, which give structure to the wine. After going through a full malolactic fermentation, the wine from this selection is aged in French American oak barrels for 18-20 months. Simultaneously, a second selection of grapes is allowed to hang longer on the vine in order to impart an additional level of fruit complexity and darker flavors. After its alcoholic fermentation and maceration for about 15 days, the wine is kept in stainless steel for 18-20 months. At the end of both aging periods, we make an assemblage with 50% of the wine aged in barrels and 50% of wine made from the non-oaked aromatic blend of extra hangtime grapes, creating a distinctive, rich and elegant wine.
Color: Intense ruby red with hints of violet.
The resulting aromatic profile of Hedonis is a bountiful and deeply complex expression with hints of dried red fruits, anise and sweet spices, notes of almond, vanilla and tobacco resulting from aging in wood. There is a profound structure on the palate along with a velvety and juicy attack, finishing with soft and sweet tannins.
It pairs well with medium fat red meats, baked and grilled fish and with very aged cheeses.