The main Sicilian grape varieties, originally used for the production of Marsala, find their pure and natural side in this wine. A wine which is able to exult the livleliness and freshness of the grillo grape despite the hot and windy climate which typifies this island.

Alcohol content
10-12 °C
Serving temperature
Production area
Sambuca di Sicilia.
Grillo is grown in the Sambuca area of Sicily, with deep and clay soil which enforces its strong character and enhances the aroma. It only undergoes an agro-chemical treatment with a copper and sulphur base which strictly follows organic regualtions and avoids the use of pesticides. The grapes ripen at the start of September when the Grillo skins are "tanned" and turn a golden yellow, which in this case simply indicates the complete ripening of the grape and not oxidisation.Vinification: Once in the cellar the grapes continue to be treated in a way which completely respects and conserves their natural characteristics : a selected harvest of the grapes, soft crushing and pressing completely out of the air (vinification technique in "reduction"), natural decantering at cold temperatures, fermentation for 10 days at controlled temperatures (16°c). Ripening on the yeast for 3 months. Filtration, stabilisation and bottling.
Colour: Straw yellow. 
Aroma: Initial hints of white flower which turn into more mature notes of tropical fruit such as mango and papaya . 
Flavour: Medium structured wine, full bodied on first taste and with a strong persistance due to the typical freshness of this variety.Balanced, long and harmonious.
Goes well with raw sea food, sword fish and tuna, first courses of vegetables and salad, fresh cheeses or simply with fish cooked on salt.