Baci Vivaci is the most exciting expression of all the liveliness that a white wine can show. It has pleasant, delicate and elegant flavors.
The tiny bubbles bring out the white blossom, peach and acacia aromas of this playful wine, balanced by delicate minerality and fresh acidity. Perfect match with raw fish, cheese and light meats. Excellent as an aperitif. Stemmari Baci Vivaci - which means lively kisses - is the perfect name for such a refreshing and bubbly wine.

Alcohol content
43/46° F
Serving temperature
Production area
100% Grillo based wine. It grows in Acate, in the province of Ragusa. This variety prefers typically sandy terrain and a lot of sunlight.
The grapes are picked and selected during the second and third week of August. After soft pressing, the must is keep for 24 hours at 5°C to make it clear, and then fermented at 16-18°C for 7-10 days (base wine). To make it frizzy, fresh must is added to the base wine in order to start the natural fermentation process in autoclave at a temperature of 13-14°C for 8-10 days in order to allow the yeast to produce soft and elegant bubbles (Petit Charmat). Then when the wine has around 16g/L of residual sugar, is quickly chilled to stop the fermentation in order to keep a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness.
Color: light straw yellow, with elegant green tints
Bouquet: intense and persistent, very fruity and fine, expresses aromas of acacia flowers and wisteria 
Taste: dry and fresh, fragrant with strong acidity and minerality
Perlage: persistent, elegant and fine
This refreshing wine is excellent as an aperitif, with raw fish, fresh or slightly aged cheese, and great with fried or grilled fish, vegetables, and white meats.