Sicilia DOC

This varietal is of middle eastern origins that is expressed at its best from the terrain of Sicily, thanks to the intense sunlight and uniqueness of the soil.

Alcohol content
Serving temperature
Production area
The grapes are cultivated at Sambuca di Sicilia, in the province of Agrigento, and also in Acate in the province of Ragusa. At Sambuca di Sicilia, it obtains a wine that is more mature and structured, at Acate, the wine is more delicate and fruity. The type of farming is “Espalier”, used with an average density of planting where there are 4500 plants per 2.5 Acres.
100% Syrah. It is an average to late varietal reaching maturity around the end of September.
Collected from the grapes of perfect phenolic and aromatic maturity. De-stemming and alcoholic fermentation with the skins occurs at 26 degrees for 10 days. Malolactic maturation occurs with selected bacteria, then finally maturation for 10 months in French barriques.
COLOR: Bright ruby red.
BOUQUET: Warm and persuasive, with spicy notes of black pepper and thyme based on notes of wild fruit.
FLAVOR: The tannic sensation is velvety and pleasant.
It goes well with savory cold cuts, red meats cooked in irons, game, smoked cheeses and herbed cheese. It is also well paired with seafood dishes that are particularly savory, such as swordfish with rosemary.