Alcohol content
14-16°C (57-60°F)
Serving temperature
Production area
The grapes are produced in our Sicilian wineries of Sambuca di Sicilia and Acate where the climatic conditions and the diverse composition of the soil have favoured a perfect adaptation of the international varieties.Syrah and Merlot vines are in fact cultivated on sandy soil and they produce grapes which are very aromatic and rich in sugar. Harvesting takes place in the first week of September, vinification with the addition of selected yeasts is done at 22-24° C (72-24° F) for only 4-5 days to produce a wine with a medium structure, a pleasing fruity profile and with a considerable quantity of residual natural sugar which gives the final product its viscosity and smoothness.
Whereas Cabernet is cultivated on a more clayey and very fertile soil, the harvest takes place at the end of September when the grapes are almost dried, very concentrated, and sugary.
Vinification is carried out by adding selected yeasts at a temperature of 26-28°C for 10-12 days with periodical gentle pumpover to obtain a very powerful wine with an aromatic profile of ripe fruit. Afterwards Cabernet is aged in wood for 8-10 months and it is only at the end of this ageing period that it is blended with a Syrah-Merlot base, giving it notes of raisin, a robust and full-bodied character plus delicate and elegant notes of oak.
This wine expresses a very complex aromatic profile ranging from the cherry and fragrant fruit notes of Merlot to the spicy notes of Syrah. As well as being the main structure of the body of this intriguing Sicilian blend Cabernet then brings in a hint of small, dried fruits and a touch of vanilla coming from the ageing in barriques.The structure is very pleasing thanks to a perfect balance between Cabernet's tannins and the residual sugar given by Merlot and Syrah which, together, make the wine viscous, rich, full bodied and smooth at the same time.
This wine is perfect to serve with moderately spicy salami, rich and succulent first courses, cooked and grilled red meats as well as moderately mature cheeses.