Alcohol content
10-12°C (50-54°F)
Serving temperature
The passionate and dedicated way of cultivating vines in Sicily has  been passed down from generation to generation. Together with this island’s  wide variety of soils, environments and climates, Sicily has always been and continues to be the cradle for  both native and international vines. A rich history dating back very far ,yet a land whose territory allows  the sensory and organoleptic properties  to join closely, creating a unique fusion of aromas and new sensations.   This wine reflects that Sicilian soul, with its fusion of ancient and historical varieties such as Grillo and Moscato with varieties coming from far away like Viognier which have been lovingly adopted  by the Sicilian land. The grapes are harvested in September and vinified separately, first the Moscato and then the Viognier and finally the Grillo which thrives off  basking in the sun long enough to  assume its  beautiful golden yellow colour! The harvest takes place at night to take advantage of the coolness of the night air which preserves the aromas accumulated within the  grapes. They are quickly and gently pressed and the nectar collected is promptly cooled. Vinification takes place at a controlled temperature with the addition of selected yeasts at a temperature of 16-18 °C, and after a period on the yeasts in the tank, the 3 wines are blended
This wine, with its beautiful straw green colour, expresses an intriguing rainbow of aromas which embrace floral notes of acacia and lily of the valley as well as white fruits such as peach and melon. We can also pick up light spicy notes of sage ,with a touch of warmer and riper fruit: mango, apricot and nectarine. It is ample and viscous on the palate with a pleasing final crispness, making it an ideal companion for aperitifs as well as for fish dishes and slightly matured cheese.