Terre Siciliane Igt

This wine comes from the bounty of the marvelous Sicily.It is the result of the union of the Sicilian most famous variety, Nero d’Avola, and an international one, Syrah, which has found here the perfect conditions to express its best.

Alcohol content
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Production area
Syrah, 75% of this great wine, is cultivated in the south-west of the island where the mild climate and the fertile soils, rich in clay, give rich and concentrated wines, that bring structure and power in this mellow red.Nero d’Avola, 25%, is cultivated in the south-east of the island where the climate is warmer, but with optimal temperature range, and the light and sandy soils allow to produce grapes characterized by an extraordinay fruity scent. 
Syrah grapes are harvested at perfect ripening, aroma and polyphenol content, around the end of September.The fermentation with selected yeasts covers an average of 10-12 days at a temperature of 25-27 ° C with periodic replacements. Later half of Syrah is left in oak barrels for 6-8 months.
Nero d’Avola is harvested around the middle of September. Immediately after the harvesting, Nero d’Avola grapes are placed in the drying lofts for 60 days, destemmed and added with selected yeast at 25° C for 15 days, in order to permit the alcoholic fermentation; this compound is then left in steel tank to mature.At the end of the maturation stage, wines are mixed together and then left in steel for 6 months, in order to continue the maturation process, before being prepared for bottling.
Colours: deep and intense red with slightly garnet notes.
Bouquet: fruity, with notes of red berry, such as blackberry, raspberry and cherry with floral hints of violet. Spicy notes from Syrah and hints of tobacco and vanilla coming from the refinement in wood.
Flavour: soft and juicy, with elegant and delicate tannins, excellent structure and body.
Great with cheeses and cured meat, with first dishes with meat ragù, red meat and baked fish.